Oomph. It’s been awhile since I’ve actually made a post. Sarah and I actually watched Robin Hood quite some time ago, but then I got caught up with a few conventions and work so I haven’t had time to write up my thoughts on anything.

Again, Robin Hood is one of those movies I remember as a kid. Vaguely. In the sense that every once in awhile, I suddenly have the song about “Robin Hood and Little John walkin’ through the forest…” Something, something, something, something “Ooh de lally, Ooh de lally. Golly what a day.”

Ok. I suppose I don’t really remember much. I remembered that Robin was a fox. And there was a foxy fox for Maid Marian.

Phil Harris was apparently back as Little John, although I still can’t hear him as anything except Baloo. I blame Tale Spin. Monica Evans was the voice for Maid Marian and had also done one of the geese in Aristocats, but I didn’t watch much of that growing up, so that voice didn’t have strong associations for me.

As far as the plot goes, well, I’d like to compare it to the “true” version of Robin Hood, but I’m not quite certain I know what that entails exactly. There’s been a lot of renditions of the classic story and I’m not sure which elements have been added in various versions. But I’m pretty sure that Robin didn’t lose his arms in battle but grow himself a nice pair of boobs.

I’m pretty sure that Robin was supposed to have a band of Merry Men, but in the Disney retelling, he’s a bit of a loner except for his hetero-life mate Little John. I suppose you could say that he did have a group of merry children helping him out along the way. Perhaps when they grow up they can be some merry men for him. With or without tights. Except Toby the Turtle. Because we all know turtles grow up to be ninjas when they hit their teens.

Another discrepancy in this one is that Prince John was apparently helped out, or perhaps led on by Sir Hiss who, as with Kaa, the snake in Jungle Book had the magic power to hypnotize people. I’m pretty sure as a kid I totally bought into the idea that snakes could do that. I’m not sure when I figured out they didn’t. Perhaps it was when I learned that snakes bite. It hurts.

Although I didn’t recall it too much before rewatching this movie, the song “Phony Prince of England” does get stuck in my head a lot now. Yes, the lyrics to that has a lot of “somethings” in it too.