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Looks like there won’t be a post this week either. Sarah and I took a trip to Marceline, MO (Walt’s childhood home). She’ll have some pictures of that and I’m sure she’ll write up a post on it, but for now, she’s finishing up a 280 page paper for her master’s degree, so wish her luck.

In the meantime, walking around a midwest town on a sunny day with it being 90º out yesterday took its toll. We’d planned on doing a bit of catching up last night, but I ended up with no energy, a migraine, and 11 hours of sleep last night to recover. What a wonderful cinco de Mayo.

With any luck, we’ll be able to get in at least one or two movies next weekend between her graduation and leaving on a well deserved vacation.

In the meantime, io9 had a fun post on the math in Alice in Wonderland so check that out while we get everything in order on our end.