When someone mentions sad Disney films, Bambi seems to be the first one to come to mind, but quite frankly, it was not nearly as sad as my childhood memories seem to think it was.  Oh well.  It’s better that way, I guess.   (“No one’s going to shag you if you cry all the time.”  -Love Actually)

The plot and the characters I can kind of live without.  I really only enjoy Thumper (who was not in the original story….Walt Disney added him in for much needed comic relief) and Friend Owl.  However, the film is stunningly beautiful.  The backgrounds alone kind of make the film worth watching.  Jon’s take on it was that it was a waste of budget, but I disagree.  The backgrounds are not only beautiful, but do a great job in setting the feel for the film.  It’s serene and perfect.

As for the plot?  It’s a coming of age story.  Not my favorite topic.  Deer grows up, makes friends, deals with the death of parent, gets twitterpated, fights for his girl, has babies.  End. Whatever. There’s no real character development.  Just put it on mute.  The highlight of the film is the art.  I wish they still made films like this.

So anyway, let’s just touch on two different subjects.

1. Friend Owl.

HE IS CREEPY! Did the GIFs prove my point?  No?  Watch the film.
I mean, I guess he’s supposed to be friendly….and wise? He just gives me a really weird creepy vibe.

2. Listen to the song “Little April Showers” in French.  I love it.

Another odd thing to me…..do deer fathers really just leave their kids?  Not that I expect deer to be monogamous, but it seemed weird that Bambi’s father, “the great prince of the forest,” was only involved when his mom died.  The last shot of the film is Bambi and his father standing on some cliff as Faline stays with their two newborns.  Maybe it’s a deer thing.  Also, if Bambi’s father is the oldest, most respected deer in the forest, why is he only a prince? Shouldn’t he be the king?

My favorite film? Nope.  What would I change in it? Nothing.