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Snow White, Snow White, Snow White.  This film has always been one of my least favorites….at least in the bottom three. (I’ll make an official declaration at the end of this project.  Stay tuned for Sarah’s Least Favorite Disney Film!) Anyway.  Jon covered the plot, so you’re stuck with my random thoughts. Sorry!

Let’s talk positives first of all:

  • You’ve got to have respect for this film.  It’s the first.  Without it, none of the other Disney films would exist.  First what?  Not only first film by Walt Disney, but also the first full length feature animated film, the first in full color, and first animated feature made in America.  I can’t completely hate the film just for historical aspects.
  • Grumpy is hilarious.  He has the best lines in the whole film.  Can we bring back the phrase, “a fine kettle of fish?” I think we should.
  • There’s this rabbit that is adorable.  I wasn’t smart enough to grab a screencap before I returned the DVD to my friend, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.
  • I kind of like the idea of the logs turning into crocodiles.  (but let’s face it, I just like crocodiles and alligators – as will be proven when I get around to Fantasia and Peter Pan)
  • The Huntsman is a generally good guy.  I am concerned about the pig, however.

Yeah, that’s about the extent of good things I have to say about Snow White.

Most people complain about sexism and this and that….how Snow White waited around for a prince to come and save her….something about cooking and cleaning. blah blah blah.  She was forced to be a scullery maid by her stepmother.  Obsessively cleaning wasn’t exactly her fault.  What happened to her actual parents? I don’t know. I don’t care.  It’s irrelevant to what little plot there is.  Furthermore, Snow White didn’t wait around for a prince.  She was “dead.”  She couldn’t do anything.  She was only in the dwarfs’ house a day or two.  Was she naive? Absolutely, but that’s what happens when you’re forced to stay in a castle and have no contact with anyone but doves.

Problems I have with the film….

  • Snow White’s voice.  It grates on my ears.  Can’t do it. No, thank you.  However, at Walt Disney World, there is a superb Snow White who hangs out in Epcot.  I think the voice suits the character perfectly…I just don’t want to listen to her.
  •  If everyone knows Queen Grimhilde (yeah, she has a name) is evil, how come no one has overthrown her or done anything about it? Is Snow White’s dad still around and is just completely whipped by this woman?
  • Why is the plural of dwarf dwarfs and not dwarves?  (okay, that’s not a film problem.  I guess that’s an English problem)
  • Why doesn’t the mirror lie to Queen Grimhilde?  Does he want the Queen to be pissed and for Snow White to die?  Maybe he’s like the magical sitar and can only tell the truth.  Is the mirror the Queen’s only friend?  She should get out more.
  • Who do the dwarfs work for?  “We don’t know what we dig them for.” Okay…so….why are you in the mine? No one knows. Why did you leave Snow White alone in your house?  You could have saved her!  It’s your fault she is “dead!”
  • Glass coffin? Really?  Cause that’s not creepy.
  • Jon’s right.  There isn’t too much happening.  The dwarfs are kind of pointless. There isn’t too much character development.  The film moves pretty slowly.
Maybe my problems lie with the original story, and not Walt’s interpretation. Who knows.

The film is iconic, historical, and amazing for its time.  I will give it that much credit. However, I am glad to leave it behind and move on to the other films.  As it was pointed out by another blogger, it is much easier to appreciate Snow White if you’re familiar with the animated leading up to it.